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R&D Services

Develop high-tech products

Get help from the world-class scientists and engineers to solve problems faster, brainstorm ideas, remove obstacles and bring your products to market in the fastest time.  


  • A large pool of world-class scientists and engineers.
  • Over 30 years or experience in R&D, high-tech products development, design and development of large scale IT systems, AI driven control solutions, machine learning models, data analysis, sensors, electronics, and hardware solutions.
  • We provide ideas and suggestions to make your business/manufacturing plant more efficient.

AI driven automation

Our R&D services can help you design and develop new products, technologies, innovative business processes and solve complex problems through scientific thinking, by bringing the benefits of latest advances in material research, AI, control systems and sensor technologies. Our experts help you develop high quality products for international markets, reduce cost of production, obtain precise measurements, better planning and implementation of products, better understanding of market and stay ahead of the competitors.


  • A vast network of scientists from many fields such as physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, AI, material science and sensors.
  • Experts create multiple streams of solutions to design a new product such as, developing nanocellulose through extensive material research.
  • Provide analytics, material research labs, prototyping, testing, feasibility study, cost/benefit analysis for new products, competitive knowledge on future technologies, tools for better understanding plant data, international certifications, recommend best vendors for manufacturing and many more services.

Advanced IT infrastructure for digital transformation

We have over 25 years of experience in developing IT infrastructure for real- time remote process monitoring, data visualization, and remote control of engineering processes and chemical plants. Get consultation and help in developing the world-class IT systems and accelerate digital transformation. 


  • Identify right sensors and control systems to suit your needs.
  • Design complete architecture, sensor network for remote monitoring and control of your plant.
  • Develop dashboard for data visualization and real time remote monitoring.
  • Provide detailed cost-benefit analysis, advanced control systems, implement better PLC, minimilastic cloud systems, recommend latest tools and technologies for precised plant monitoring and many more services to improve your plant.


Our advanced robotics service can help you reduce human errors, improve product quality, speedup production operations, eliminate waste, reduce risks and injuries to workers, perform hazardous operations with high efficiency, increase accuracy in plant operations and improve profitability.


  • Develop robots with integrated computer vision and reinforcement learning based control.
  • Plug and play AI algorithms to make industrial robots more intelligent.

Examples of robots:

  • Robot for mixing hazardous chemicals in tanks.
  • Smart robot for cleaning large tanks and removing rust inside tanks.

Employee training

AI, robotics, digital transformation on cloud and IoT are new developing fields. Change is happening almost daily. Innovative companies want to stay at the top of this innovation to bring the best solutions to their customers. Train your staff so that you can accelerate innovation, solve problems faster, and stay competitive with new developments in these fields.


  • Online and on-site training on the latest tools and technologies.
  • Educational content, simulators and collaborative tools for using best practices in business specific operations. 

Technology Solutions


Advanced simulators

Sophisticated simulators can help in better planning and understanding of complex processes, developing high-tech products, fast troubleshooting of problems and making better business decision. 


  • Plant operation simulators provide different ways to maximize production.
  • Provide inventory simulators for planning and managing raw materials, suppliers, transportation and logistics.
  • Simulators for chemical plants and manufacturing processes
  • Advanced physics based simulators to develop and test AI based products
  • Simulators for training

Condition monitoring

With our advanced conditioning monitoring products you can proactively plan for maintenance, accurately detect the problems in the machines before they become severe, speedup maintenance process, significantly reduce downtime and maintenance cost, ensure machine availability, improve efficiency of machines in hazardous areas, automatically detect machine degradation and increase production.


  • Real time, advanced vibration monitoring for all types of machines.
  • Provides automatic machine usage analysis by remotely monitoring through web and mobile app.
  • Sensitive sensors obtain precise details of the machine such as vibration, temperature, pressure.
  • Real time notifications of severity of problems through web portal and mobile app, automatic calibration, easy integration with existing PLC and SCADA systems, easy to install with no or minimum changes in the existing infrastructure, obtain data from existing sensors, fast and lightweight data transfer, and many more features.

Computer vision and sensors for plant monitoring

Computer vision based plant monitoring provides real time detection of defects, allows remote monitoring of visual defects, maximize efficiency, improve quality of product, faster testing and quality inspection, better understanding of data, improve decision making, proactive action planning and significantly reduce overall plant maintenance cost.


  • Detection of surface defects on machines and products in real time, about 4 milliseconds per image processing.
  • Provide automatic data analysis reports through simplistic dashboard.
  • Real time alerts and notifications through secure web and mobile app.
  • Automatic classification and detection of severity of problems using deep learning algorithms and LSTM network, continuous monitoring for 24/7 running operations, high resolution camera setup, hazardous areas support and many more features.

Industries served

Wind and Renewable Energy

Services, products, and solutions specifically to maximize power generation and lower maintenance cost on wind and hybrid power plants.

Oil & Gas

Services and lots of innovative technology solutions to maximize drilling efficiency, oil production, quality of oilwell, refining processes, reduce carbon footprint.


Services, Artificial Intelligence based products and solutions for process optimization, planning, and plant level optimization.


Services and data driven analytics solutions to maximize productivity, minimize cost, and predictive planning. 

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